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A presenter on your website talking about your services in a clear and friendly manner
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Recommendations about your services that you can show to your potential clients
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A video about your company, your services, or your website
Viral Video Production  Viral Video
A video that is funny and interesting enough to make viewers spread it around themselves
Viral Video Marketing  Viral Video Marketing
Production and promotion of a viral video. At least 100,000 view within 3 months
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Tap the power of video to get your message across to your customers
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Effectively promote your video message online and get the desired branding and recognition

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Sites for Promiting Your Video Online

You do not have to be a professional filmmaker or actor in order to create a substantial video for the web; Web videos are primarily basic, therefore simply possessing the write knowledge and enthusiasm to work will give almost anyone that ability to create a substantial web video.

There are several sites available today that allow you to upload and share your videos online. These sites can be an excellent way of promoting yourself, your business, or your products and services.

The majority of these sites offer their services for free, usually only asking for a registration in order to use. Some, however, charge a small fee in order for videos to be posted. Ultimately the free sites can sometimes be just as effective as the paid ones.

With hundreds of video sharing sites on the web, it is important to be able to distinguish the good ones from the bad, so that you do not waste your time or money placing videos on sites that will not be useful to you.

The following is a list of several video websites that can be useful in promoting your business online:

  1. YouTube (www.youtube.com) - YouTube is the Web’s most popular video-sharing site. This site allows anyone to view Movie and TV clips, music videos, video blogs as well as short original videos at no cost. Registered users are able to upload up to 100MB of video. YouTube has been the cause of many viral ads to gain a large amount of viewers and publicity. However, because of its growing popularity and its high number of users, it can sometimes be difficult to get your video seen on YouTube. The site generates 50,000 uploads per day, which means it has lots of competition.
  2. Myspace Video (vids.myspace.com) - The popular social networking site Myspace allows members to upload up to 100MB of video content, free of charge. Myspace video contains all types of video, and allows users to post, share, and comment on each others videos. Videos can be anything from movie trailers, to music videos, to original shorts.
  3. Yahoo Video (vids.myspace.com) - This is a free video search engine that allows users to search, upload, share, tag, and host their videos on Yahoo!
  4. Google Video (video.google.com) - This site is free and allows users to upload, share and search for videos. Only registered users can upload videos; however anyone is able to view them. Amateur videos, viral ads, and TV and movie clips can all be viewed on this site.
  5. AOL Video (video.aol.com) - This site allows anyone to view a variety of different video clips. Registered users are able to upload, comment, and share videos with other users for free.
  6. iFilm (www.ifilm.com) - This site contains short films, movie trailers, and original videos for free, available for anyone to view and comment on. Registered members may upload up to 100MB of video for free.
  7. Grouper (www.grouper.com) - Members of Grouper can watch share and create their own videos. Up to 110MB of video can be uploaded for free, and members can also post their videos on third party websites such as MySpace, Facebook and Friendster directly from grouper.
  8. Daily Motion (www.dailymotion.com) - This free site gives members the option to share their videos with the public, or privately amongst selected people. Videos in a wide variety of categories can be easily searched, tagged and viewed and members are able to share and comment on each others videos.
  9. V Social (www.vsocial.com) – This is a social networking site specifically used for businesses to target at distribute their video messages online. Registered users are able to create their own pages and ad up to 100MB of their own content videos. Only registered content owners are allowed to place their video on this site.
  10. Vimeo (www.vimeo.com) - This is a free video sharing site which supports embedding and video downloads. Only original material can be uploaded onto this website by those registered; anything that the user has not created can not be uploaded. Each user may upload 30MB per week.
  11. Sharkle (www.sharkle.com) – This video sharing site allows viewers to share videos both publicly and privately. Registered users are able to upload up to GB of videos, as well as share their videos and leave comments on other people’s videos.
  12. Ourmedia (www.ourmedia.org) - Members of this site are able upload videos, and any other type of digital media, for free. Members are video producers, podcasters and other original media makers wishing to show off their work. They are able to interact with one another and comment on each others work.
  13. Eyespot (www.eyespot.com) Eyespot is a free social networking site consisting of website publishers, content providers, and advertisers, allowing them to showcase their original work. The site provides easy to use video editing and sharing software. Members are able to share their video content with each other, allowing them to gain exposure and promote their work.
  14. Revver (www.revver.com) – Revver is free a video sharing site that not only allows users to upload and share their videos, but allows them to earn a profit at the same time. Revver attaches advertisements to its video clips and splits 50 percent of the ad revenue with the video creators. Members can upload up to 100MB of video.
  15. Videoegg (www.videoegg.com) – This is a free site that requires registration for use. Videoegg provides members with help in video editing, posting, serving, and sharing of almost any type of video they wish. Videoegg serves 15 million videos a day, making it a powerful online video solution.
  16. Veoh (www.veoh.com) - Veoh is an independent, internet television broadcasting system that allows anyone to broadcast their videos for free. The site accepts almost any type of original video. Registered members are able to share ideas, videos, and comments with one another. Veoh allows registered users to post their videos on the site; they also offer Veoh player software that allows delivery of your content on a computer, TV, or portable device.
  17. Bebo (www.bebo.com) - Bebo is a free social networking site that allows users to upload and share their videos. A wide variety of videos are accepted, and members are able to share their videos with others. Registration is not required to view videos, however to post your own video, you must be a registered member.
  18. Vume (www.vume.com) Vume is a blogging platform which allows users to post any type of media for free, and make a profit while doing it. Registered members can post any type of original video, audio, image or blog, which will be accompanied by an advertisement. Vume then takes the revenues earned from each ad, and divides it up among content creators. Members receive $3.00 for every 1000 hits their media receives.
  19. Digg (www.digg.com) Digg allows users to upload their original video content free of charge. Users vote and comment on the videos that they liked best. The video with the highest rating is then displayed on the homepage for all visitors to see.
  20. Metacafe (www.metacafe.com) - Metacafe is an online video broadcasting system that allows viewers to post their original content, gain recognition and make a profit. The site is one of the 150 top most visited internet sites in the world, and creates an excellent opportunity for both original video producers and advertisers. Any type of original content is welcome, as long as it is tasteful and does not contain any profanity. Registered users are able to upload their original video content and may receive a profit by splitting advertising revenues with the site.
  21. ClipsID (www.clipsID.com) - This site is specifically for business promotion using video. It allows users to search, upload, and share original video advertisements for free. The site also offers help in creating video banners to place on other websites. This is an excellent site for anyone wishing to promote their business.
  22. Videosift (www.videosift .com) - This is a free video website that allows members to submit any type of video they find interesting. Content may be original, or from other existing websites. Submitted videos are voted on by members, and high ranked videos are published on the front page for higher recognition.
  23. ClipShack (www.clipshack.com) - This website allows users to view different videos for free, as well as upload and share their own videos. A variety of different types of videos can be uploaded, and registered users are able to give feedback on one another’s videos.
  24. Putfile (www.putfile.com) -This site is a digital media broadcasting site, allowing members to upload videos and photos for free. Registered users are able to create their own user homepage, and upload and unlimited amount of their own original files easily. Members are able to discuss and share their videos with one another, as well as rate other member’s work.
  25. LiveVideo (www.livevideo.com) - This video hosting website uses social networking and allows members to showcase their work either privately or publicly. Anyone who signs up for the free registry is able to create their own page, add friends, and upload their own videos. They are able to share videos with others, and leave video comments on other member’s pages.
  26. Iklipz (www.iklipz.com) - This site allows aspiring filmmakers to showcase their work, and get in touch with some film industry professionals. Anyone is eligible to register for free and to upload their original videos onto their own profile pages. The site also has an advisory board, which consists of several members of many large Hollywood film companies, who view many of the films and choose their favourites. Iklipz is excellent for businesses and amateur filmmakers who are wishing to gain recognition, and network with industry professionals.
  27. YouAreTV- (youare.tv) - This site allows anyone to upload their original videos and share them with the public using tagging, social networking, and a search engine. Registered users are able to upload an unlimited amount of original video content free of charge.
  28. VMIX (www.vimx.com) - This video sharing websites is specifically designed for those looking to get their work noticed. VMIX encourages anyone who wishes to discover interesting videos, have their videos be discovered, or simply wishes to share their content with the public. Registration for this site is free, and all types of digital content are welcome.
  29. Guba (www.guba.com) - Guba is a video sharing website allowing registered users to upload and promote their videos for free. Anyone may view user generated content free of charge, where television shows and movies can be viewed for a small cost. Members are able to comment on one another’s videos, and share their own videos with other members.
  30. Zippy Videos (www.zippyvideos.com) - This is a free video sharing website that enables registered members to upload up to 20mb of their own original videos. Members create their own video page, and may showcase their work publicly or privately. The site allows members to interact with friends, and network with professionals.

These video sites are all easy to use; however they often are flooded with thousands of new videos every day. Although they do work for many, some businesses prefer to pay to have their video advertisements on more high-end sites that generate large amounts of traffic, such as MSNBC, or CNN.

Many businesses use Ad distribution networks to help them get their ads on the sites they want, at prices they can afford.

The following is a list of some distribution networks that could be helpful in getting your video seen:

  1. Brightcove (www.brightcove.com) Brightcove not only allows members to upload their videos and showcase them on the site, they also allow members to create their own video platforms, and help them sell their advertisements to a wide variety of high end publishers.
  2. VitalSteam (www.playstream.com/default.aspx) VitalStream's small business platform provides content delivery services for thousands of businesses and consumers worldwide.
  3. Ad Drive (www.addrive.com) Ad drive helps you place your video advertisements with top publishers, and promises a high return on investment.
  4. Akamai (www.akamai.com) Akamai works with hundreds of different companies helping them sell, market, advertise and conduct their business online. They currently work with several high end companies such as Audi, MSNBC, and Fujitsu.
  5. BitGravity (www.bitgravity.com) BitGravity provides the most advanced network for delivering ads to your end-users at a low cost.
  6. BrightRoll (www.brightroll.com) BrightRoll offers video advertising space across hundreds of quality publishers.
  7. YuMe Networks (www.YuMenetworks.com) YuMe provides businesses with access to a wide variety of online videos publishers, and offers targeted advertising solutions.
  8. LiveRail (www.liverail.net) LiveRail works on a pay-per-watch basis - that means you only pay when someone actually chooses to watch your ad. You tell LiveRail what sort of people you want to reach, how much you want to pay each time your advert is viewed, and we then distribute your ad to viewers across the web.
  9. Quigo (www.quigo.com) Quigo places your ads on high-end, high-traffic websites, by allowing you to place a bid on specific advertising spots you would like. You only pay when your ad is clicked, and you are able to choose the site your ad is placed on. Quigo works with several premium websites whishing to publish your ads.
  10. Tremor media (www.tremormedia.com) Tremor media works with over 400 high end websites, helping businesses to place their advertisements on these sites at a low cost.
  11. Limelight Networks (www.limelightnetworks.com) Limelight Networks is a proven Internet delivery partner for the top media and entertainment companies in the world.

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