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Website Presentation Video Production  Website Presentation
A presenter on your website talking about your services in a clear and friendly manner
Promotional Video Production  Promotional Video
Recommendations about your services that you can show to your potential clients
Corporate Video Production  Corporate Video
A video about your company, your services, or your website
Viral Video Production  Viral Video
A video that is funny and interesting enough to make viewers spread it around themselves
Viral Video Marketing  Viral Video Marketing
Production and promotion of a viral video. At least 100,000 view within 3 months
Commercial Video Production  Commercial Video
Tap the power of video to get your message across to your customers
Video Marketing Services  Video Marketing & Promotion
Effectively promote your video message online and get the desired branding and recognition

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corporate video productionReach us through the Webnox Customer Center from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Because every video is custom-made, the cost vary depending on factors like the complexity of production, the number of actors, the length of the video, the location, etc. The cost for each order you make is clearly indicated at the time of ordering. That amount is all you have to pay, and nothing more. Our costs are a fraction of what a production studio will charge you.

Do I need to pay royalty fees?
No. There is only a one-time fee you pay for the video. The final quote we give you for the video before production is all you have to pay. You will not need to pay royalties to us or to the actors.

Who owns the video?
You do. We will transfer all ownership of the video to you once we receive your payment and provide you with all the necessary paperwork. You will be able to do whatever you want with the video.

Do I have to host/stream the video with ByteCaster?
Not at all. You own the video, so you can host it wherever you want and broadcast it in any manner you like.

How long does it take to make the video?
The time it takes to complete a video depends on the complexity and requirements of the video. Typically, we try to deliver a video within two weeks of getting the final go-ahead.

Can I trust ByteCaster?
This is the web, and you have the right to be wary. ByteCaster is managed by a professional company, Webnox Corp. We have real offices. You can call us, or visit us if you are in Ottawa, Canada. Our reputation is very important to us, and our commitment to you is that we will treat you fairly, honestly, and with respect.

Is ByteCaster a production studio?
No. Production studios are specialized for TV. The videos the produce are high quality but not effective online. Also, they charge high prices because of their overhead costs. ByteCaster uses a web-centric production process. To produce your video, we get a marketing specialist working with a director and actors who were picked specifically for your project. This way, we are able to produce the web video you need at a much lower cost.

Can I chose the actors for my video?
Yes. You will be involved in all the pre-production decision making process. We will show you photos of the actors who are selected for your video for your approval.

Do I need to provide my own script?
If you can come up with your own script, that would be great. We will review it to make sure it flows well. If not, we can write a script for you based on the information you provide us. We take writing the script very seriously though and spend considerable effort making sure that it will be appealing to your customers. We always charge extra if we are to write the script and the cost is clearly indicated at the time of ordering.

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