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Website Presentation Video Production  Website Presentation
A presenter on your website talking about your services in a clear and friendly manner
Promotional Video Production  Promotional Video
Recommendations about your services that you can show to your potential clients
Corporate Video Production  Corporate Video
A video about your company, your services, or your website
Viral Video Production  Viral Video
A video that is funny and interesting enough to make viewers spread it around themselves
Viral Video Marketing  Viral Video Marketing
Production and promotion of a viral video. At least 100,000 view within 3 months
Commercial Video Production  Commercial Video
Tap the power of video to get your message across to your customers
Video Marketing Services  Video Marketing & Promotion
Effectively promote your video message online and get the desired branding and recognition

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Contact Information

corporate video productionReach us through the Webnox Customer Center from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.


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Talent Signup

ByteCaster is looking for:
  • Outgoing individuals, presenters, models, actors, and hosts in Ottawa, Ontario
    ByteCaster is looking for outgoing, enthusiastic and talented individual in Ottawa who are comfortable in front of a camera. We need you to make presentation videos for ByteCaster, something similar to what our site host, Alissa, has done. The pay is good, you will have fun doing the videos,you will gain experience in presenting and acting, and you will be featured on various business websites.

    You don’t have to be an actor, but you do have to have talent and you do have to be available to film in the Ottawa area. So, if you are looking for fast, fun, and easy work that is close to home, then contact us so we can schedule an audition.
  • Actor / Cameraman teams
    ByteCaster is looking for small teams to help us record presentations on video. The presentations are 1-2 minutes long during which an actor talks directly to a camera about a particular subject. We provide the script. If you can do green screen work and editing, then that is a definite bonus.
  • Aspiring Filmmakers/Directors to take on video production projects
    If you are an aspiring filmmaker who is trying to profit from his/her talents, then ByteCaster is for you. ByteCaster's clients use this website to get their busines videos produced. So, if you can produce quality work, on time, and within a reasonable budget, you can make a steady income from this website. When assigning projects, preference will be given to members who:
    • have access to actors and crew (if needed)
    • are available at least 10 hours a week
    • are able to develop their own concepts and scripts based on the requirements
    • are able to produce good videos with low budgets
  • Editors for post-production work
    ByteCaster is looking for talented, artistic, and creative editors. If you are good at processing raw video footage and converting it into an appealing video, then we want to hear from you.

If you would like to work with ByteCaster on making videos, please send us a quick email to:


In the email, please include the following:

  • Name (of course)
  • Contact email and phone number
  • City and State/Province where you live
  • A description of your talents
  • Links to any profiles or demoreels that you have
  • If you are applying to a presenter or acting position, then send along 3-4 clear headshots

We hope to hear from you soon!

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